The Island of Cres is situated in the Croatian northern Adriatic, just a few hundred kilometres away from some of the most important European traffic and economical centers. Despite being the largest Croatian island its relatively small area of 406 km2 offers unique geographical and biological diversity. With breathtaking landscapes, exotic beaches, deserted villages, deciduous forests, stunning mediterranean karst and centuries-old settlements, the island is abundant with potential filming locations.

Geographical situation offers one of central Europe's most convenient access points to the Mediterranean and the project enjoys the benefit of support from local institutions. Together with aforementioned attributes and following promotional offer, we hope that the island of Cres will become a much sought-after filming location.

  • downloadable photos in five categories,
  • additional location scouting services upon request,
  • 15% accomodation discount enabled by Cres tourist board for production companies and their crew in Cresanka's accomodation facilities

As of 2012 a tax incentive programme was introduced to encourage filmmaking activities in Croatia in the form of a cash rebate of up to 20% of production costs. The cash rebate applies to feature films, documentaries, short films, television dramas and animations.