Ivan Đogić

Project manager
Cresanka d.d.

Being aware of our island's natural and cultural attributes, the company Cresanka d.d. wanted to initiate a project that would promote our beautiful island through the eye of a camera. Feel free to find out more about our proposal in ''About'' section and download the photos for your location database. Also, we would like to welcome production companies and their partners to use our accomodation facilities with a guarantee of quality service.

Kristijan Jurjako


City of Cres

As a representative of the island of Cres and all its residents, I would like to welcome production companies to our unique island which I strongly believe offers a perfect location for various filming needs. The City of Cres has experience as a filming host and would like to promote itself as a 'film friendly' location. As a partner in the project, the City of Cres will be available to production companies for cooperation and at disposal regarding any administrative issues which may arise.

PAKT Media

Film, TV and Commercial
production company

PAKT Media is a production company with significant production experience in the Alpe-Adria region. As a production company we acknowledge the potentials of the island of Cres as a location in the filmmaking industry and we know firsthand the importance of recieving the support of the local community. Therefore, PAKT Media offers co-production and production services as a local partner to foreign producers interested in filming on the island of Cres.